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Sprouts of Spring

Bylinghua Sprouts of Spring program is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Established in 2021, Sprouts of Spring(SOS)  aims to provide a platform for students who are interested in Chinese Music to understand and learn Chinese Music. By offering courses such as music and art,  salons and other activities, we can better deepen everyone's understanding and love of traditional Chinese culture. In addition, SoS also emphasizes on providing art education benefits  for children with special needs.
百灵果春天的花蕾中美音乐文化交流传承项目,是政府正式注册的501公益组织。旨在为在美华裔孩子和对中国文化感兴趣的美国孩子,提供一个了解、学习中国传统文化的交流互动平台。通过开设音乐艺术等中国传统文化课程,举办中国传统文化大赛、中美文化交流沙龙等形式,更好地加深大家对于中国传统文化的认识与喜爱,在文化比较之中感受两国文化差异,找寻相互融合、交流互鉴的途径,促进两国文化共同繁荣发展。除此以外, SOS还致力于给特殊儿童提供艺术j教育的福利。

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